Medical Product Research and Development

 Pipar Biochemical Medical Products We manufacture and sell many biochemical medical products. We manufacture and sell microbiology materials, molecular devices and materials, analytical chemistry products, biochemistry products, toxicology equipment and materials, laboratory materials, pathology equipment and materials, hormone devices and materials and medical consumables. 

As Pipar Biochemical Medical Products Manufacturing and Sales, we can design and manufacture all these devices, materials and products in accordance with the needs of our customers. With our expert R & D team, we conduct the research of the materials ordered specifically and perform the production in the desired and required properties and offer them to our customers.

The number of companies producing such a high level of custom production among medical companies is quite low. Special design and production of biomedical products in accordance with the need for both highly difficult and highly specialized work in this field as a professional service and quality production company is almost impossible to find. However, as Pipar Biochemical Medical Products Manufacturing and Sales, we can respond to these demands of our customers by creating our R & D department with big investments in order to meet this need of the market and to improve ourselves continuously.

Our R & D department works non-stop and produces the products needed by the market in order to develop the products we produce in line with the needs and demands coming from medical distributor companies and to investigate new products that are not available. This is the brain surgery that we do the research and we get the most demand. We produce different medical equipments and equipment in the field of brain surgical medical products and create a difference in this sector and grow our company.

between biomedical companies, especially in Konya All the best medical companies, our company managed to enter between the in Turkey gives importance to the success of our ourselves to continuous improvement and R & D investment owe it to us to bring a new range of products in the industry. Turkey's best and largest medical device companies have increased our motivation at work, although we do as we chose to be among the targets to be among the world's largest medical companies. In order to achieve this goal, we will continue to work continuously and to improve ourselves.