As Pipar Biochemical Medical Products Manufacturing and Sales, we produce the best quality medical plastic materials. Founded in 2007, our company has been to Turkey before starting their activities in Konya then began to sell medical products to the entire world. It has become a well-known company with its quality and reasonable prices in all provinces, especially Konya, among the medical product manufacturers. With growing market share has become one of Turkey's most important producers and exporters of medical supplies.
It has always been one step ahead of its competitors with its product range, production quality and advantageous prices among medical companies. In a very short time we managed to enter Turkey's largest medical companies between firms is rapidly becoming a world brand with customer satisfaction. We managed to become a preferred company among the companies producing medical equipment with the most affordable prices and the most advantageous payment options.
Pipar Biochemical Medical Products Manufacturing and Sales, which has been serving with the best price, customer satisfaction and timely delivery principles for many years, has succeeded to take its place among the best recommended medical companies among the medical manufacturers. Our goals are to become one of the largest medical companies in the world and to sell medical plastic materials all over the world. We are doing our business with the dream of making our country the leading country in the sector in this field, constantly improving ourselves and competing with our competitors all over the world.
As Pipar Biochemical Medical Products Manufacturing and Sales, we are aware of the fact that we are not far from this dream with our ability to make special production among medical material manufacturers all over the world, especially in Konya, and the quality of our medical materials. We are constantly improving our activities with the awareness that all we have to do is to make our production quality and prices to the best possible position and to become more institutionalized and branded.